Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Too often I wonder, too less I realize,
You were never mine,
We were like two blowing leaves, dancing on the harmony of the same wind,
Untill destiny made our paths entwine,
I thought it was forever, but soon I realized,
You were never mine.

Those memories of past,
Blew away like a castle of cards,
Our diamonds of joy, our spades of comfort
Now lie lifeless, separated and scattered,
Those pleas to return, still remain unheard
Succumbing to the harsh wind,
Whose efforts once made our paths entwine,
Now make me  realize, you were never mine.

These empty hopes still linger in my heart,
I feel like the petal plucked from the flower,
Disembodied from it’s own part,
Like the king of love from the deck of cards,
Disunited from his queen,
Like the leaf who still waits for it’s entwine,
But the wind is there to remind,
You were never mine.

\** This is written, not by me, but a friend as creative


If in a parallel world, you could hear a flower speak, What do you think it would say to you? And which one would you pick? The little white gypsy peeking through the bunch of green, Or the pink calendula standing tall in the bustling air? The proud rose red blooming in its own fragrance, Or that sunflower turning to its benefactor for grace each morning? Which one would you choose? And again, what would it say! You really think they would debate the cunning of a man? Or would they, in a sweet voice, sing praises of nature to you? They couldn’t possibly talk of their own beauty. Such narcissism should mar their prospects of talking at all. But what if only, if only – They just smile, fluttering in the wind, And tell you their names?

Saturday, October 05, 2013

Night and Day

Once there lived a Night, who was in love with Day.
Day lost in vanity and bright, little knew that with Night he stayed.
He rejected Night, Night rejected love.
But glory never failed Night,
And pride never left Day.

Day had a new baby now, he loved to call her Dawn.
In her eyes he stood a God, to his ways she would forever fawn.
And a pretty damsel was she - an urban beau monde!
But could ever Day in her find,
A consort of his own kind?

Night though his equal, stood far apart.
Queen of her kingdom, distanced from his heart,
For he could not have another ruler in his home
And he could not make, her kingdom as his own.
But who would inform both their foolish minds,
That heart without love will long for it in time.

Once though they met, once everyday.
Once every evening, they'd cross the other's way
When the shine of his face shall make her heart delight,
When the look in her eyes dark, shall absorb his own light.
Then they would meet with general courtesy,
Hiding in their hearts, a state of ecstasy.

"How is your girl?", asked night jeering her desires.
"Fair as this evening, pretty as the setting fire."
"Is that why you love her, for with her you retreat
To this sweet time of evening, when the two of us meet?"
Day struck with daze, at this shocking mockery
Night stood laughing at her own travesty.

For true 'twas, that for sake of her absence with evanescing dark
Paved way for Dawn's presence, straight into Day's heart.
But the time had passed, for Day had to leave for his way
With a pang in their hearts of agonising disarray.
So could they never meet, in complete felicity;
And the sun who saw everything, drowned in melancholy.
But Night smiled on.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

To Broken Love

This heart that knew no extremes
Is now caught in the imaginary realms
Of a world beyond the usual cries.
Where every yellow is fire
And every blue is ice.
So must freeze the sky
Before it bleeds on that soft sigh
Soaking the grounds with your humble grief,
Though it, yet, seems but some relief
To the wounded soul of the broken heart--
Broken, though, on both the sides,
It is one that lets the silent cry
In the dark of a windy night.
The other, quiet as it seems
Is lost in the turbulent scenes,
Of past that is past and present passing by
Of future diffused in the haze of cries,
As passion and pain lurk through edges of the glass
For what was the love for, when it was meant not to last?

Saturday, June 29, 2013

I Have Been Looking Around

I have been looking around-
At your sad faces,
For your futile sounds;
Yes I have been looking around.

I thought I've had enough,
Yet you bring me more of
Things that I need not, and tough
It is to let them go.

You say it must freeze
Of what I have as a human,
And that my love should decrease
Fading into the reality of being nothing.

Yet nothing I am not
And something that I have been,
That I have lost
To something I never wanted to be at all.

And oh, it must end!
Before I shall forever close my eyes.
About now I would go on
Towards that distant wavering light
Fading out at the end of skies
For it is yet too soon to die.